Thursday, April 25, 2013

Adventure #25: Adventures of a Flunking Honor Student

This will most likely be my last post on this blog. Last spring, after evaluating this blog, I felt that twenty-five adventures would be a satisfactory number, a good landmark to wrap up on.

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I originally intended to end this blog by December when I was officially a college graduate, but that last semester was too hectic for me. So, I'm posting this piece today, the day of my convocation (which I am not attending and am fine with; I am busy with other things and do not want to travel to it). I'm ending for several reasons. For one, I am a graduate and will no longer occupationally be a formal student. I am entering the professional world. Further, while flunking as an honor student may be an entertaining and fitting tag for the time of experimentation and accelerated self-discovery, success is more tolerable in the workplace. Also, I do not know if I will have time for this blog as I embark on other life journeys.

You may have noticed that most years I added ten posts (funny enough, this was never planned), but last year I had seven posts. I did not feel like posting much during that period. A person incredibly dear to me passed away. Once that happened, I spent the rest of the year broken until I graduated. Now, in this new year, I find myself seeking connections in whatever ways possible (usually in music and fictional characters) and had often unashamedly shared them on Facebook. I seem to be building myself again, and recognizing these connections and facets of myself and my interests is an attempt to take all the emotional pieces of what's left and establish them into something functional. I sense a reformation into someone new, whomever that may be. I am excited to see what comes of it.

I have been grateful for this blog and for the release and expression it has been for the last two years (Interesting Note: Originally I named the blog "Confessions of a Flunking Honor Student," so my first "adventure" was titled "Confession #1;" by the time I posted my second "adventure," I felt that "adventure" would be better for the blog). It has been a useful pasttime for me to put down my thoughts in an organized, tangible fashion (the internet isn't exactly tangible but close enough).

I now see that I could have taken this blog in a totally different direction, one more suitable for its title (what a fine time to finally being seeing this!). I could have posted funny stories about flunking and disappointment. I shared some, but I see that would have been a fun blog. Regardless, I took the blog in a direction that makes my mother laugh, because she thinks most of my posts sound fairly scholarly and thought-provoking, despite the supposed "flunking" theme.

I have been able to express different facets of myself and share them with others. Thank you for all that have read, for the few who have left comments on them, and for the many who have discussed my posts with me in person. I am glad we have been able to grow together and discover ourselves through each other.

The things I have learned aren't limited to what I have written. I mostly have tried to include the meat of what I had to say to condence post length and to remain private that which would be inappropriate to delve too deeply into or reveal. I do not know if I will continue with another blog. I will just have to see where life takes me and what of it I want to share and in what form I'd like to share it. I will leave this blog open for people to look at, if they so desire. Who knows?--maybe I will come back to it if the time is right (maybe during graduate school!...if I attend).

Below, I have linked my adventures. If any titles interest you, feel free to check them out. After all, they have been published for your reading. There's no telling what you may learn about me or yourself or may be entertained by or may be introduced to from them:

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